Middle School Support & Services

Our goal is provide our students with the resources they need to achieve, including academic support, health and wellness services and healthy lunch options.

Middle School Support & Services

At 体育投注开户’s middle school, our comprehensive support systems and services ensure that our students achieve their full potential. Our close-knit community of teachers, staff, parents and students are here to encourage and support each other.

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Academic Support

We tailor your child’s academic placement for his or her success here at 体育投注开户’s middle school. Along the way, our teachers and counselors provide consistent academic support like tutoring guidance and actively engage with students to ensure success.

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In addition to academic counseling and support, we offer a variety of services that provide our students with an inspired learning environment.

Food Program

Healthy and Delicious Food Program

Our cafeteria features fresh, local and seasonal foods prepared by our head chef, who understands that nutritious, tasty and appealing foods support children’s healthy brain development and lifelong healthy eating habits.

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Health & Wellness

Comprehensive Health and Wellness Services

We believe it’s essential to care for the social, emotional and physical health of our students and families. We offer a variety of wellness services including health classes, nursing staff and counseling and parent education opportunities.

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Our library features extensive databases and resources that support our students’ academic needs and extracurricular interests. Our expert library staff works closely with teachers and students on information literacy.

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Safety & Security

We look after the safety of our students. All of our security professionals are 体育投注开户 employees rather than contracted staff, and their mission is to protect the community. Providing a safe, secure and nurturing environment for our students is a top priority at 体育投注开户.

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Our 1:1 laptop program at the middle school means that teachers can effectively incorporate apps, programs and other learning tools into their curricula.

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We offer a school bus service and advice on commuting to 体育投注开户 (traffic maps, pickup/drop-off policies and common traffic issues).

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