125th History Timeline

  • 1893

    Manzanita Hall

    Manzanita Hall
    In 1893, Frank Cramer founded Manzanita Hall, an all-male boarding and day preparatory school, established to prepare boys to enter Stanford University. Show more...
  • Frank Cramer (1861-1948)

    Manzanita Hall
    Founder & Principal, 1893-1902
    Frank Cramer
    Frank Cramer was born on Nov. 4, 1861 in Wausau, Wis. After graduating from Lawrence College in Appleton, Wis., in 1886, Cramer worked as a teacher in his home state before moving to Palo Alto to attend Stanford University. Show more...
  • 1902

    Catherine 体育投注开户 (1865-1952)

    Miss 体育投注开户's School
    Founder & Principal, 1902-1938
    Catherine 体育投注开户
    Catherine 体育投注开户 was born on March 2, 1865, in Portland, Ore., the oldest of three daughters born to James Bartlett 体育投注开户 and Sarah Ellen Polk 体育投注开户. A graduate of Vassar College, she began her career teaching Latin at Mills College in Oakland from 1890 to 1893, and again from 1898 to 1901. Show more...
  • 1902

    Miss 体育投注开户's School

    Miss 体育投注开户's School
    Miss 体育投注开户's School was originally housed in Palo Alto at the corners of Kingsley and Bryant in Castilleja Hall, a building that had been vacated and was remodeled for the use as a school. Show more...
  • 1919

    Palo Alto Military Academy

    Palo Alto Military Academy
    In June 1919 Col. Richard P. Kelly purchased Manzanita Hall and changed the school name to the Palo Alto Military Academy. Building on Manzanita Hall's fine academic reputation, Col. Kelly created Palo Alto Military Academy as a non-sectarian, though admittedly Christian, boarding and day school. Show more...
  • Colonel Richard P. Kelly (c.1896-1952)

    Palo Alto Military Academy (PAMA)
    Superintendent, 1919-1950
    Col. Richard P. Kelly
    Colonel Kelly was born in New York and graduated from Cornell University in 1896. While at Cornell, he was editor of two of the university’s publications, wrote considerable poetry, and initially planned a literary career. Show more...
  • 1938

    Sara D. 体育投注开户 (1868-1956)

    Served Miss 体育投注开户’s School 1907-1953
    Headmistress, 1938-1953
    Sara D. 体育投注开户
    Sara D. 体育投注开户 was born in Portland, Ore., on April 1, 1868, the middle of three daughters born to James Bartlett 体育投注开户 and Sarah Ellen Polk 体育投注开户. Show more...
  • 1950

    Major Donald L. Nichols (1911-1997)

    Served PAMA & 体育投注开户 Day School 1950-1972
    Superintendent, PAMA 1950-1972
    President/Superintendent, 体育投注开户 Day School 1959-1972
    Major Donald L. Nichols
    Donald L. Nichols, "the Major" as he was affectionately known to faculty, staff and students, was born in 1911 in Massachusetts and moved to California in 1923. Show more...
  • 1959

    体育投注开户 Day School

    体育投注开户 Day School
    The 体育投注开户 Day School was established in 1959, after Maj. Donald Nichols purchased Miss 体育投注开户's School. It was simply The 体育投注开户 School at the time of purchase and continued under that name for the first two years. Show more...
  • 1972

    体育投注开户 Academy

    体育投注开户 Academy
    体育投注开户 Academy formed as the result of the merger of the 体育投注开户 Day School (campus) and the Palo Alto Military Academy (campus) when the schools moved to the Saratoga campus at 500 Saratoga Ave., in San Jose in 1972. Show more...
  • 1973

    Howard E. Nichols (1940-2008)

    Served PAMA, 体育投注开户 Academy & The 体育投注开户 School 1965-2005
    Headmaster, 体育投注开户 Academy 1973-1992
    President, The 体育投注开户 School 1992-2005
    Howard Nichols
    Howard E. Nichols was born on Oct. 10, 1940 in Bremerton, Wash. He moved to the Bay Area as an infant, and when he was in second grade his mother enrolled him at Palo Alto Military Academy (PAMA). Show more...
  • 1992

    The 体育投注开户 School

    The 体育投注开户 School
    In 1992, we became The 体育投注开户 School. The boarding program closed in 2002, and the school became one of the largest K-12 independent college preparatory schools in the west. Show more...
  • 1993

    Diana Nichols (1942-2018)

    Served 体育投注开户 Academy & The 体育投注开户 School 1973-2005
    Head of School, The 体育投注开户 School 1993-2005
    Board of Trustees 2005-18 (Chair 2010-18)
    Diana Nichols
    Diana Nichols began her teaching career in 1963, as a biology teacher at Marshfield High School in her home state of Massachusetts. In 1965 she moved to Brockton High School, also in Massachusetts, where she taught College Biology and AP Biology. Show more...
  • 1998

    The 体育投注开户 School, Upper School

    The 体育投注开户 School, US
    The 体育投注开户 School opened its upper school (grades 9-12) in 1998, graduating its first class in 2002. Show more...
  • 2005

    Christopher Nikoloff

    Served The 体育投注开户 School 1999-2017
    Head of School, The 体育投注开户 School, 2005-2017
    Chris Nikoloff
    Christopher Nikoloff was born and raised in upstate New York, near the famous thoroughbred racing town of Saratoga. Mr. Nikoloff received a B.A. in English with a minor in philosophy and an M.A.T. in education with a concentration in English literature, both from Boston University. Show more...
  • 2013

    The 体育投注开户 School, Preschool

    The 体育投注开户 School, PS
    The 体育投注开户 School opened its preschool, located on Union Ave. in San Jose. The preschool has classes for 3- and 4-year-olds and a transitional kindergarten program. Show more...
  • 2017

    Brian Yager

    Head of School, The 体育投注开户 School, 2017-present
    Brian Yager
    Brian Yager has held many educational positions, serving as a teacher, department chair and upper school head. For more than 15 years, he worked in various capacities for the Cate School in Carpinteria, Show more...